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JETRAMP MR / PED – Airport Ground Support Equipment

About Airside

Airside Airport Equipment Thorough Examinations Ltd

Airside is a privately owned company and has been operating since 2009, in unison with Airside GSE which launched in 2003. The company was formed by GSE industry professionals who had previously worked in companies such as EDGHILL, ADE-HML, DAHMS, NORQUIP etc presenting over 50 years of experience in GSE design and manufacture.


The company takes pride in its range of core products manufactured to a high standard of quality together with superbly finished refurbished units. After sales is paramount coupled with a comprehensive spares availability for all types of ground support equipment.

Airside Airport Equipment Thorough Examinations Ltd as a premier manufacturer/provider of ground support equipment has agreements to sell Ground Support Equipment for partner companies to enhance its core product range.


Mike Cardy

Managing Director

Mike Cardy is the Managing Director and owner of Airside Airport Equipment Thorough Examinations LTD. He has been a designer of Airport Ground Support Equipment(GSE) since he left school and trained as an apprentice design draughtsman with Edghill Equipment culminating in promotion to Chief Designer at the age of 26 and Technical Director at 30. He has a vast knowledge of most types of GSE having worked on many varied projects and been involved with many BSI / CEN equipment committees.

After leaving EDGHILL in 1987 he spent a brief period in the electric fork lift and tractor industry as engineering manager before returning back to AUTO DIESEL EDGHILL in 1991 as Technical Director updating the range of GSE.

In 1994 he was appointed General Manager leading to Managing Director in 1995.

Unfortunately the company was fragmented and sold in 1998 and Mike joined MALLAGHAN to design a wide range of GSE. He was then offered a position with NORQUIP as Director of GSE and again designed a successful range of GSE.

NORQUIP were a casualty of 9 / 11 in 2001 and Mike decided to start his own company. Mike has always enjoyed the industry due to its variety and innovative engineering.


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